Mayfair by the Sea is a minimal home located in Hong Kong, designed by Human w/ Design. The project aims to express the beauty of Japanese aesthetics and nordic minimalist. The wall between one bedroom and the living room was replaced with a set of semi-glazed wooden partitions, which are inspired by the details of traditional Japanese shoji screens. The new arrangements allow more natural light to filter through to each area during the day, while also creating a visual connection between both areas, especially useful when the children are playing in their bedroom.

In the living area, a set of elongated low cabinets is designed with a recessed top and backsplash detailing, which provides plenty of space for the clients’ book and plants, while also protecting the wall from scratches. The bunk bed set in the children’s bedroom, keeping it simple in form and color, and softened the room with rounded corners, from the handrail, staircase, door panels and even the rounded plaster corners on the wall. The wood veneer used throughout, with oak flooring in a herringbone pattern gives the apartment a cohesive look with a warm and natural atmosphere.

Photography by Kevin Wong