Jun 27, 2018 / Interiors
MD Townhouse by Danielle Siggerud

MD Townhouse is a minimalist house located in Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by Danielle Siggerud. The house in located on Holmen, a water-bound neighborhood in Copenhagen, occupying the former grounds of the Royal Naval Base and Dockyards. The project reflects strong architectural sensitivity, making use of both modern and existing elements. Essence, abstraction and purity have been the leitmotif of this home. A limited array of colors and the combination of rough beams with the smooth surface of natural stone creates a rugged but elegant atmosphere. With tactility of the materials and through careful detailing, we formed a comfortable house that encapsulated the essence of living. The rigor of the design in combination with the sensual language, respecting the existing architectural elements, has been the key to the success of this architecture.