MEETS Cafe is a minimal cafe located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by YOLLLLEY STUDIO. The spatial structure reveals its form directly, while light has an indirect property of which the existence can be recognized only when it is reflected or transmitted by something, so the studio conceived a visually light- bearing design in order to express the harmony according to these different physical properties. The spatial structure extending from the entrance to the innermost bar counter forms a straight line. A long table and pillar cross at right angles, and the indirect lighting panel situated horizontally on the ceiling and another panel also cross at right angles. The meeting of these lines makes furniture, pillar, and ceiling look not as individual elements, but as an overall structure. Artificial lighting installed in the space and natural light introduced through glass on the wall don’t invade each other’s territory. Bricks piled up on the outside of the glass on one wall at regular intervals not only bring adequate sunlight into interior space, but also cast shadows on the floor, furniture, and the opposite wall depending on the change of time. It’s a play of light. Light in this space is recognized as an object which makes people experience a moment of the constantly changing season. Translucent acrylic and stainless steel were applied to the partition of the interior space in order to make it “bear the light”.

Photography by YongJoonChoi