Melbourne Flower Merchant is a minimalist multipurpose retail space located in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Studio 103. This retail space has been boldly designed to transform effortlessly from a vibrant daytime ‘market’ florist into a dramatic, urbane night time events space. The client’s brief to Studio 103 was to revitalize the existing floor plate on a modest budget to function practically and seamlessly as both a florist and an events space. “The tenancy was handed over as an empty, vertically voluminous space, all concrete and height,” says Studio 103’s Studio Manager, Fiona Morrison. “There was no possibility of removing the columns so we had to think creatively about how to use them for functionality as well as impact – for retail and events – all within a minimal budget.” The team faced the challenge of ensuring their design would not overshadow the vivacity and functionality of the floristry but would carry enough elements of drama to appeal as a dynamic, sophisticated events space. Studio 103 successfully reworked the interior, activating the immense upper space by suspending lights, displays and structural fittings from the exposed soffit. A palette of navy blue, gold and brass was chosen to contrast with and complement the rawness of the bare concrete columns, providing a stylish majesty and warmth to the industrial overtones. The front counter is a monument of concrete and form embedded with navy blue detail. Brass taps and fittings spark intrigue amongst the cast concrete sinks in the utility room.

Photography by Dan Hocking