Montfort House is a minimal home located in Blairgowrie, Australia, designed by GOLDEN. Located in Blairgowrie near a national park, Montfort House is a stunning retreat that takes advantage of its beautiful coastal surroundings. The design firm Inform Melbourne worked with GOLDEN to select specialized artwork and furniture for the residence. The interior features dark, earthy tones that reflect the natural landscape and match the external dark faced concrete bagged brick. Softness and color are added through the use of natural materials. The main living area offers views of both the sunrise and sunset and is furnished with Kettal outdoor furniture designed to withstand the harsh coastal climate. The master bedroom boasts a comfortable Baxter armchair and a sculptural piece, as well as unique open dune views. Montfort House is a luxurious yet rugged retreat, with furniture chosen for its durability, comfort, and ability to enhance the peaceful atmosphere of the home.

Photography by Timothy Kaye