Nano Pad is a minimalist home located in Sydney, Australia, designed by Architect Prineas. Nano Pad is an interior architecture project within a 22 sqm Art Deco Studio Apartment in Sydney’s inner city. The project was designed as short stay accommodation, as an alternative to short comings of existing “design hotels” in Sydney. The existing studio was compromised by poor planning with a comparatively over-sized and under utilized entry and lack of defined spaces. The design is conceived around a contemporary plywood insertion that sits within the existing fabric of the apartment.

A definitive change in level created by the bed platform and its associated joinery establishes a threshold and visual distinction between the living and sleeping zones of the studio, while maximizing opportunities for storage and space. The insertion allows the original Art Deco structure to be maintained. The use of lime-washed ply is punctuated by black steel details. Bespoke mirrors feature blackened steel frames with curved edges that act as contemporary iterations of the Deco Style. This curve is mimicked in the hanging rails. The planning of this space allows a number of functions to take place within the 22 sqm studio to provide a short stay that feels like home.

Photography by Chris Warnes