Nová Dunajská is a minimal architecture project located in Bratislava, Slovakia, designed by JRKVC. The building is served by one vertical communication core, which runs through the whole house. It is installed approximately in the middle of the layout, so that it is possible to situate individual functions, especially apartments with an ideal use of both facades. The orientation of the building is the northern facade in the courtyard and the southern facade in the street. There is also a part in the garden that serves all the inhabitants of the house. On the third and fourth floors there is the same scheme of apartments, namely 2 x 2 bedroom apartments to the street, 2 x 4 bedroom apartments to the cross and 1 x 1 bedroom apartment to the courtyard. On the fifth floor there is a composition of apartments consisting of 1 x 1 bedroom apartment to the yard, 1 x 3 bedroom apartment to the street and 2 x 4 bedroom apartment on the edge of the layout transversely ventilated.

Three-room apartments facing the street have a designed loggia, which is accessible from both the living area and the bedroom. The hygienic part is designed in the depth of the disposition in the middle part of the house. The transversely ventilated flats have the same concept in the form of a passing day part, which runs from the south to the north façade. The individual functions of the living area (kitchen and living room) are intertwined. This solution creates interesting views of the apartment to different worlds — the street on one side and the courtyard on the other. The south street side of the living rooms is protected along its entire length by external blinds and forms a filter against direct contact between the apartment and the city. The northern part of the space offers its ideal use as a kitchen with a dining room oriented to a quiet courtyard with a direct connection to the exterior in the form of extended balconies. The night part of the apartments – children’s rooms is also oriented to the courtyard, the layout of larger apartments offers the comfort of its own bathroom in the master bedroom.

Photography by Peter Jurkovič