Oak Flat is a minimal apartment located in Bordeaux, France, designed by A6A. The challenge of this rehabilitation is to build on what already exists, to respect the spatial quality already present; to sustain it by intervening in the most discreet way possible to meet the new needs of the order. A main material punctuates the project and distinguishes the new elements of partitioning and furniture. Oak is this common thread. By its robustness, its sobriety, and the warmth of its natural color, it allows us to stage each volume.

The apartment is located on the second floor of a typical building in central Bordeaux. It crosses the street at the heart of the block, and is lit in its center by a day well. The main access is marked by a first fencing of any height. The subdued light illuminates the entrance area through the oak slats. The high ceiling offers an astonishing spatial dimension. A door decorated with moldings opens onto the living room where shelves adorn the wall. The color of the oak, tinted by the light that bathes the room, contrasts with the white walls and the marble fireplace.