Sep 12, 2020 / Interiors
OCE Copenhagen by Aspekt Office

OCE Copenhagen is a minimalist store interior located in Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by Aspekt Office. The designers were responsible for the design of OCE’s brand-new flagship store on Niels Hemmingensgade 3 in Copenhagen. The new store is located in the middle of the pedestrian high-street “strøget” in a classic building. The design requirements for the new store were clear and concise – OCE wanted us to create a Nordic atmosphere and add a Scandinavian look, feel and expression to their brand, to be able to attract Scandinavian costumers. That was paramount. Since OCE both have a clothing collection and a home-department, they decided to divide the store into different zones with different specific expressions.

Aspekt Office worked with as few colors as possible to make OCE’s colorful products stand out and take the primary focus. When costumers enter the store, the first thing they notice is the warm and welcoming counter. To the right of the counter, costumers will find the home-department zone, and to the left, the fashion zone unfolds. Both areas have a minimal and bright expression that makes the products stand out. Since the store area is small, the mission was to utilize even the tiniest little corner. This approach shows, in particular, under the stairs to the second floor. The cavity under the stairs was never used, but was made it into an exhibition area.

Photography by Rasmus Dengsø