Omar Apartment is a minimal home located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by ARQUITECTURA-G. The project aims to emphasize the peculiarities of the volume, knocking down all the partitions, freeing the plants until leaving a clean box. The two floors are connected through a spiral staircase that is below a skylight that covers the entire double height. This skylight fulfills a double function, on the one hand, it is the main source of natural light in the house, and on the other, it gives a large window to the entire loft space.

On both floors, all services (bathroom, kitchen, closet, and facilities) are behind some booklet doors that allow the entire program to be exposed or hidden. At a material level, these service areas behind the booklets are solved with large-format macael marble slabs, while the exterior is covered with carpet, achieving a clean and soft space.

Photography by José Hevia

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