Osteria Betulla is a minimal space located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, designed by DA BUREAU. Osteria ‘Betulla’ is the second project of a talented chef Arslan Berdiev, the founder of the sensational restaurant Birch. An important feature of all Arslan’s projects is perfectionism and unexpected serving of dishes, in a manner surprising for the guests, which is reflected in the Osteria’s cuisine. In working over this project, the studio used the architectural dramaturgy characteristic of traditional churches. The guests get into the space through a tapering ensconced, shaded entrance. They enter into the first, dimly-lit small hall, and further – into the second hall flooded with light. This way the guests proceed smoothly from shadow to light. The centerpiece of the first hall is the metaphorical altar – a large table where the pasta chef works. All the tables are turned towards him, which creates the effect of theatrical performance and allows the guests to watch the pasta making mystery. In addition to introducing the Italian flair, one of the main objectives was to transform the existing dark space of the basement into a well-lit airy space that would not oppress the visitor.

Photography by Sergey Melnikov