Feb 19, 2017 / Interiors
Oyane by DO.DO.

Oyane is a minimalist ceramics shop located in Nagasaki, Japan, designed by Kei Harada of DO.DO.. The client runs a shop and gallery of the famous Saikai porcelain of Hasami Town in Nagasaki, Japan. There was a total revamp of the internal and external structure while realizing the spirits of the artists using the materials of Saikai porecelain. A new entrance was built to improve passage to the shop located on the B1 floor. A built-in wall with storage space is situated on the first floor, a large staircase and elevator guides visitors to the shop space, which consumes both floors. A roofed-patio with restrooms was placed on the outside where markets and workshops can promote their porcelain. Remnants of the porcelain artistry can be seen throughout the structure. The lamps and signs throughout the structure were also created using porcelain. The roof of the main structure resembles that of a typical old factory found throughout this area. The floor contains pieces of porcelain which were mixed into the concrete.