Mar 14, 2019 / Interiors

SUSHI WORIZURU is a minimalist renovation of sushi restaurant located in Hyogo, Japan, designed by CASE-REAL. The store is located in the center of the tourist area where many tourists from the area as well as local families and regular customers visit. So, in this modification, the designers thought that they would like to make it a place where they can feel the presence that has been familiar for many years, while completely renovating the space. The inside of the store is composed mainly of cypress, cedar and granite, and the approach is finished by a plasterer of Bengala to renew the condition as a storehouse. On the other hand, the layout remains completely existing on the first and second floors except that the position of the private room has been shifted for flow line arrangement. Furthermore, familiar parts such as display platters and menu tags are reused. The façade made use of the existing grid, and matched white plaster to make it fit in the street.

Photography by Hiroshi Mizusaki

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