Paris Row House is a minimalist residence located in Paris, France, designed by Eitan Hammer Architecture. Paris based architect Eitan Hammer has renovated a four story Paris row house for a couple and their two children in collaboration with ACA- Felicie Chardon. The 1930s’ house is located on a hill overlooking Paris. Despite its privileged location, thistypical art deco row house lacked direct access to exterior spaces. Also lacking storage spaces and bathrooms on each level, the floors layout needed to be reviewed to in order to reduce vertical circulation. Initially, the ground floor served as a garage and basement with a small entrance, leading to the first floor living room and kitchen around a patio. The floor above served for two children’s bedrooms while the upper floor served as a master bedroom and study. During construction, on each level all interior walls have been removed to create open living spaces with direct access to the exterior. The absence of separating walls and the deliberate choice of reducing the materials to the minimum facilitates the impression of open and generous spaces.