Sep 13, 2021 / Architecture
Patio House by studioNOLET

Patio House is a minimal residence located in Catalonia, Spain, designed by studioNOLET in collaboration with Raül Sánchez. This family house is located at the edge of a suburb in Catalonia, on a steep hill overlooking a forested valley and hill. The house is all interior, consisting of a set of disparate rooms varying in proportions with a diverse range of heights and window types. All are organized around the double-height patio space, incorporated in the volume of the house. This brick-clad space is shaded by the pergola-like beams to its top and offers up a framed view of the mountains opposite. The project is largely constructed with locally sourced clay materials, such as ceramic vaults, bricks, quarry tiles and glazed tiles. Their natural hues are set off with white plaster and supplemented with elements painted in artificial tones of green and amber, linking the interiors to the surrounding pine trees.

Photography by Del Rio Bani