PDM House is a minimal home located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, designed by Paradowski Studio. The owners of the villa wanted to create a soothing, relaxing space that would fi t into the context of Majorca. The designers from Paradowski Studio faced such a task, who were responsible for the comprehensive interior design and developing the concept of greenery for the garden surrounding the house. The two-story villa is a modern building composed of geometric blocks with white facades opening outwards with large-format glazing.

The architecture of the house discreetly refers to Mediterranean modernism. On the ground floor there is a spacious living room with kitchen, two bedrooms with bathrooms, garage and utility rooms. Household also have at their disposal over a hundred-meter terrace and swimming pool filled with salty sea water and a garden with fruit trees and aromatic herbs. The first floor of the house is intended for a private area. There are bed- rooms – the main, connected to the bathroom and wardrobe, and two more – the first intended for children, the second dedicated to guests. The architects also took care of an additional bathroom.

Thanks to the furniture and vintage accessories present in almost every room, which Zuza – co- owner of the studio, meticulously searches around the world, a visit to the villa is also a journey through time. Modernist chairs designed in the 1920s, a Danish mid-century modern style desk with newer and completely contemporary Italian, Dutch or Spanish designs harmonise together here. Also Palma de Mallorca itself with local vintage shops and galleries proved to be a great source of inspiration for choosing accessories. Here, Zuza and Piotr found, among others a bam – boo console table and a pair of brass lamps with bamboo shades that found their place in one of the bedrooms. However, the heart of the house is the living room connected to the kitchen and din – ing room.

The element that catches the eye particularly is the sofa from the 60s, which impress- es with a rich, jacquard upholstery pattern. Sophisticated wooden accessories with original proportions and shapes compete for attention – a co ffee table with an organic, sinuously curved table top and decorative veneer finish or a Philipp Mainzer stool designed in a simple form, with cracks characteristic of the seasoning process. A subtle background for them is a sofa in the o ff -white color of the Italian brand Villevenete. The dining area is emphasized by a monumental table de- signed by Henk Vos supported by rounded, scaled legs supporting a heavy wooden top and a selection of chairs with leather or hand-woven seats – each different by contemporary or vintage, but created according to the same design principle.

Photography by Pion Studio