Penthouse is a minimalist space located in Minsk, Belarus, designed by Famenka Design. This living space, encompassing 260 square meters, stood as a testament to modern minimalism, blending functionality with aesthetic simplicity. The designers of this apartment had embraced a minimalist approach, yet their execution was anything but ordinary. The result was an environment that felt both spacious and light-filled, a crucial feature for urban dwellings. The use of natural materials not only added a touch of elegance but also ensured the space remained grounded in a sense of organic warmth. Color played a pivotal role in defining the ambiance of this apartment. The designers had opted for a soft color palette, which contributed to a serene and calming atmosphere. This choice was particularly apt for residents whose professional lives were often fast-paced and technology-driven, offering a tranquil retreat from the digital world. Art, too, found its place in this minimalist setting – the carefully selected pieces were more than mere decorations; they served to enhance the overall aesthetic of the apartment. Each artwork added a layer of depth and personality to the space, ensuring that the minimalist design did not veer into sterility.