Nov 26, 2018 / Interiors
Place Saint-Martin by Morales Finch

Place Saint-Martin is a minimalist residence located in Sambreville, Belgium, designed by Morales Finch. The project is split across three storys, using the existing flat on the upper floors of the building to receive a light refurbishment. At ground floor, a more extensive series of alterations was proposed, making use of the former waiting rooms, external courtyard and garage. These three volumes, themselves additions to the original building, were grouped together and enclosed under a newly introduced pitched roof, proposed as a means of clearly identifying new from original building elements, whilst helping to rectify structural and visual inconsistencies. Together they provided a sequence of spaces that offer differing degrees of enclosure, from a covered workshop space, to an external courtyard and an adjoining bedroom that has access to both. Externally, the appearance of the building was maintained, with elements such as the openings of redundant garage doors retained so as not to disturb the pattern of the street.