Apr 28, 2016 / Interiors
Poly WeDo Education Institution by Wen-Qiang Han

Poly WeDo Education Institution is a minimalist space located in Beijing, China, designed by Wen-Qiang Han. Poly WeDo is a new children’s education brand of Poly Culture Group, which aims at exploring and developing kids’ gift and potentiality in music, and improving their comprehensive art accomplishment. The top issue to be solved while doing the design thinking is how to create an open, free, and flexible modern teaching environment which breaks the limits of rigid structure and creates a feeling of closeness between children and the space. All the teaching spaces including music classroom, private classroom, reception hall, theatre, and rehearsal room stretch out horizontally to the atrium of the shopping center. The slope shape roof extends to the wall and then the floor, which becomes the extension of classrooms and public space.