Private Residence is a minimalist home located in Hong Kong, designed by Human w/ Design. A Hong Kong based studio Human w/ Design was asked by client to redesign their 19 years apartment, into a minimal and practical space. For this 45 square-metre apartment, 3 bedroom is needed to fulfill the family members requirement. Due to the structural restriction of the building, the most appropriate way to achieve it is adding the new bedroom at the window side area of the original living room. A reeded glass block partition is constructed to separate the new bedroom and living area to maximize natural daylight penetration while preserving certain degree of privacy. It also acts as a feature wall for living room providing a sense of orderliness and spaciousness, and gives a dramatic lighting effect between daytime and nighttime. The full length elm veneer wall right next to the entrance door creating a warm welcoming atmosphere, while concealing the kitchen, bathroom and a foldable dining table behind. A black trimming detail along the top of glass block wall and veneer wall not only acts as a visual connector between two materials, but also create a cozy atmosphere by concealing an indirect lighting inside. A mint green colour with light oak backdrop is added on both younger bedrooms, to create a fresh and natural touch for these 6 sqm spaces. For the remaining room with a custom made bunk bed, black frame and lines reappears to form the ladder and the railings, keeping it as the most cleanest and simply structural form by giving up all unnecessary design elements.