Quartz Co. is a minimal flagship showroom located in Montréal, Canada, co-designed by Rainville Sangaré. Rainville Sangaré used its expertise in materials and manufacturing processes to create harmony between the presentation of products and the physical and visual comforts sought by the customer. In addition to the furniture, the studio designed a system of stainless-steel poles that don’t need to be attached to the walls; instead, friction and tension hold them in place.

Hardware and fastening pieces were left visible to demonstrate the accuracy with which the job was carried out. The materials are intentionally chosen and left raw to minimize production energy and to maximize post use disassembly and recycling. Ash – locally sourced and FSC-certified – was used to contrasts the wood texture with surrounding materials and infuse a touch of warmth to the space. It is an approach to design that reveals the quality of materials and the rigor of the workmanship; this aligns with the vision of the client, which also develops its products with this approach.

A combination of industrial precision and artistic sensibility, the design is a reflection of how Quartz Co. creates and manufactures its coats. The interior details speak to the brand’s quest for handmade high-end products. Since the coats are made locally, the design choices for the space also had to tell this story, which is why the teams opted for materials such as ash, the most common wood species on the island of Montreal, and solid industrial materials such as concrete and stainless steel.

Photography by Rainville Sangaré