RDR Residence is a minimalist house located in Rollegem, Belgium, designed by Decancq-Otté Architecten. Built on the remains of an old farm, we find this permanent home for the owner and his family with beautiful vistas across the Flemish landscape. Due to its L-shaped geometry all rooms receive views towards the adjacent landscape and enjoy an abundance of natural light. The interior experience can be fully opened towards the exterior where one can almost enjoy taking a bath outside. A long gallery of opaque curtains gives the owner the opportunity to adjust the level of privacy as desired. The open interior plan is divided by powerful volumes in dark African veneer or soft toned volumes finished with a special chalk technique. All custom-made furniture is each time finished with elegant details in brass or black stainless steel. The kitchen and living room have a double surrounding connection that can be closed off by ceiling-high sliding doors. The space in between offers place to functions such as the library with office, a pantry and wine collection. The result is a fresh, light-filled home in which authentic materials and contemporary spatial qualities are interwoven harmoniously.

Photography by Thomas Debruyne