Renovation in Rua Conde de Redondo is a minimal house located in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by Luisa Bebiano Arquitectura. The building in Conde Redondo Street was designed in 1902 as a residential building. With five floors and attic, it has a medium-sized volume, and has a second street façade to the Sociedade Farmacêutica Street. Integrated in an urban network that expanded rapidly until the mid 20th century, it is embedded in an area with the typical late 19th century architectural and urban traits.

The facade of Conde Redondo Street, with its multiple windows, was originally designed with large double-leafed wooden spans and balconies with cast iron guards, and is adorned with stone trimmings, friezes and pilasters that reveal a noble building, well proportioned and integrated in its surroundings. Stylistically different, the façade facing the Sociedade Farmacêutica Street features controlled openings on one side and overlapping balconies on the other, embedded in an iron structure, supported by ceramic domes.

The building underwent significant alterations, particularly the glazing of the balconies, resorting to a frame different from the original – impairing the visual and stylistic coherence of the building. The large exterior stone walls and the interior partition walls, as well as the ceramic roof tile were retained. The introduction of a contemporary plasticity is given by the new zinc coating on the roof, which operates an harmonious transition between the restoration of a 100 year old property and its (renovated) housing condition.

Photography by do mal o menos