Residence LC is a minimalist home located in Knokke, Belgium, designed by Nils Van der Celen. It was the wish of the client and designer to keep the relationship between outside and inside serene, and with as little contrast as possible. This result is a homogeneous concept where tranquility and simplicity prevail by the use of natural, yet qualitative materials. The main material chosen is a light oak wood veneer with a vertical grain, which is combined with a more brutal drawing in the ceramic stone and a playful combination of colors in the terrazzo stone. The kitchen is conceived as one large furniture block with integrated bench and kitchen island.

The eye-catcher in this room is the backwall made of vertical wood- en slats that add extra dynamism to an otherwise neutral wall. This concept extends into both bedrooms, with a focus on the master bedroom in which the bed is integrated into a solid wood furniture that extends to the master bathroom. In the children’s bathroom, a walk-in shower with a microtopping in a natural look has been chosen in combination with a terrazzo washbasin with different colored flakes that refer to the versatility of shells and stones on the beach. A unique and customized pivot door made in natural steel with a brass coating contains a framework with different types of glass. This gives the apartment a unique and classy look that is extended to the other brass accents such as faucet, sink and blind mounted shelf in kitchen splashback.

Photography by cafeine