Rire is a minimalist hair salon located in Aichi, Japan, designed by Airhouse. The work space was minimal, so the plan was started under the condition that the shop should have as many sets as possible. Further, the conditions were that the arrangement of the set surface could be freely changed, and that the cut space should be divided into two areas. What the designers considered here is a system of equipment that can handle the minimum dimensions that can be cut and shampooed, and the arrangement of flexible set surfaces. Starting with the dimensions that break the general theory once, they worked with the client to determine the minimum dimensions that could be used. In the equipment, outlets using dryers and the like are scattered throughout the floor so that power can be secured from the floor wherever you are. The space for mixing color materials is located in the center of the floor plan, creating a situation where the staff can look around, and the layout is such that color can be supplied to two cut spaces from one place. The seemingly inorganic space is intended to be added to the color by adding many people, and by re-evaluating and redefining the dimensions and facilities for cutting hair, even one person can meet the needs of many customers.

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