Jun 14, 2021 / Interiors
Rong Collection by Mario Tsai

Rong Collection is a minimal furniture collection created by Hang Zhou-based designer Mario Tsai. Rong uses the method of deconstruction and reconstruction to analyze furniture and their parts that we normally see in life, in order to create new forms and structures of furniture. Under the backdrop of the mass-industrialization in the field of wooden furniture, industry insiders normally have such deep-rooted understanding of products and their parts, a table is a table, a chair is a chair, a tabletop is a tabletop, a stretcher is a stretcher. Mario Tsai wishes to break free from that restrictive perception. By deconstructing and reconstructing parts, Rong Collection breaks free from the frames of existing furniture structure, and builds its own structural system.  The structure of the cross-shaped leg is the core of Rong Table, Long Bench and Shelf in this collection. It can also be used across the collection for other pieces, effectively simplifying the production process.

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