Jun 09, 2016 / Interiors
Salone Cinq by ninkipen!

Salone Cinq is a minimal hair salon located in Osaka, Japan, designed by ninkipen!. This interior design work is done for a hair salon with a depth of 20 meters. First, the wooden pillars holding the mirrors are featured on the both sides of the wall in equal intervals, which creates a feeling of systematic continuities. Next, by featuring the soft drape organdy arranged to hide the main concrete pillars in a zigzag pattern, it adds a new rhythm and gives a sense of intermittency and change. Small dots on the mosaic tile floor inlay are fading far away. The three sided mirror featured at the cutting station is aimed to secure a personal space while being in a continuity. When guests sit on the seat, the three sided mirror is quietly opened, hairdressing starts, and their own time will flow. A series of stylist’s move will stay in their heart as finely tuned hospitalities. By leveraging the given depth with new ways of locating mirrors, it creates a unique view which cannot be seen anywhere else.