Scenery Scooping House is a minimal residence located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by n o t architects studio. In the residential neighborhoods of Tokyo, one may often find a monotonous pattern of similar houses lining the streets, creating an artificial and mundane cityscape. However, amidst this seemingly unremarkable urban fabric, there are moments that can captivate the heart. If one takes a closer look, they may discover the trees planted in the front yards, the wild grass sprouting along the sidewalk, the dappled sunlight filtering through the street trees, and the glimpses of sky framed between buildings. These seemingly insignificant details hold the potential to create unexpected and enchanting moments in everyday life. In response to this realization, a small residential proposal has been developed with the intent to enhance the experience of such subtle urban landscapes. This home aims to coexist with the ever-changing beauty of its surroundings, enabling its residents to immerse themselves in the small wonders scattered throughout the neighborhood.

Photography by Yasuhiro Takagi