Shade is a minimal space located in San Francisco, California, designed by Alan Tse Design. The idea was to interweave these elements into a minimalist space, focusing primarily on the seemingly infinite color palette found in the varieties of nail polish. The salon is situated on a street corner, boasting an angled entryway. This layout, while distinct, presented a challenging corner within the commercial space. The designers skillfully tackled this issue by introducing a flowing curve as the main line of the floor plan. The curve, originating from an existing structural column, offers a visual anchor for the manicure station and continues throughout the space, exhibiting an array of over 200 nail polish hues for customers to peruse.

The treatment process begins once the customer has chosen their preferred nail color, moving to a hand-washing station located at the pivotal point of the sweeping curve. The material choices within the salon convey a sense of warmth and comfort, echoing earth tones subtly accentuated by blush undertones. The flooring is made of large-format porcelain stone tiles, with strategic linear incisions guiding visitors along the display shelf. A slender slab of the same material is utilized to shield the display shelf and manicure counter, maintaining the simplistic aesthetic of the salon. The inclusion of chestnut wood in the cabinetry and trellis enhances the visual warmth of the interior. Further, a strategically placed linear LED light emphasizes the continuous stroke of the design, creating an uplifting effect on a lime-washed wall that extends to the ceiling.