Oct 30, 2017 / Interiors
Sliced by FIVE AM

Sliced is a minimal home designed by Belgium-based architects Five AM. While furnishing the interior of this family house, the emphasis was put on keeping balance and harmony between the architecture of the house and the garden. On the ground floor, FIVE AM has visually sliced the open space into different sections by demarcating 3 zones with the use of fixed furniture. The kitchen, dining area and living room therefore form different entities.In terms of materials, these zones mark a strong contrast with the rest of the interior. For example, the use of cognac pastellone on the floors, walls and ceiling conveys a certain warmth inside the house. In order to make it feel less massive, the central island was conceived in the same gray pastellone as the floor to ensure a certain continuity for a timeless and elegant aspect. From the bathroom upstairs, emanates a sense of purity thanks to the all-white elements put into place by FIVE AM. The contemporary creativity and finishing touches put into place here make this house both breathable and harmonious.

Photography by cafeine.be

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