The coffee shop Society Cafe was designed by the Korean design firm Studio GGJH and is situated in Anyang, South Korea. The store, which first opened in 2017, has recently undergone a transformation into a new spatial identity. The exterior facade’s incorporation of stained wood seamlessly extends into the interior space, maintaining its warm allure from the outside. This design element acts as a guide, welcoming guests to step inside and experience the ambiance within. 

The cafe’s interior boasts a minimalist and puristic design that places emphasis on the stained wood counter and wall unit, completing the harmonious fusion of the exterior and interior spaces. Other features are purposefully kept unobtrusive to preserve a sense of simplicity and cohesion, allowing the focus to stay on the primary space. The lighting is essential to creating the right mood; it casts a gentle glow, enhances the cafe’s comfortable ambiance. To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for guests, dimmable switches have been incorporated into the lighting setup, allowing for easy adjustments to suit different moods and occasions. 

In order to match the interior design, GGJH Studio created a special furniture line exclusively for Society Cafe. The furniture line embraces the warm and inviting aesthetics, featuring high-backed, long-stretched bar chairs and single-person sofas. The furniture’s versatility is enhanced with molded movable furniture leg adjustments, allowing for personalized seating preferences to further elevate the customers’ experience.

Society Cafe seamlessly blends its exterior and interior spaces. The minimalist interior design, complemented by thoughtful lighting and a bespoke furniture line, creates a harmonious space for guests to enjoy the ambiance.