Soft ‘n’ Rough is a minimalist apartment located in Minsk, Belarus, designed by Vlad Kudin. The architectural foundation of the space leans heavily on stark elements: the unrefined beauty of a concrete ceiling juxtaposed against the warmth of natural gypsum plaster walls. The use of authentic Belarusian linen and natural-hued cotton adds a tactile softness, moderating the environment. Concrete, often associated with industrial starkness, becomes a centerpiece in this design. Its monolithic cubic forms in the kitchen and music equipment pedestals pair remarkably well with the curvaceous dining and coffee table ensemble, ensuring the space remains inviting. Subtle touches like the soft gray wiring against track and linear lamps on the ceiling maintain a tranquil ambiance. This cohesive color palette emphasizes serenity and understated elegance without drawing undue attention. The kitchen emerges as a testament to both functionality and aesthetic dedication. A sprawling concrete countertop merges effortlessly with the island, a challenging feat accomplished by a local concrete manufacturer.