Sep 23, 2021 / Interiors
Takizme by Ryota Yokozeki

Takizme is a minimal space located in Shinagawa, Japan, designed by Ryota Yokozeki. The concept store, which stands quietly in a residential area of Shinagawa, is a compact space that has been renovated from an old house. I was in charge of designing furniture for a relaxing space experience while enjoying tea. The low table is neatly folded and placed like a yukata in a ryokan, and welcomes guests politely. By having the customer assembling it by themselves, the preparation for the tea party is completed. The experience in this tea room can be enhanced by meditating and calming one’s mind before the tea party, and assembling the table is part of this routine. In addition, because it is foldable and compact, it also has flexibility of assembling just the necessary amount without obstructing the space. The studio also prepared a small seiza cushion for people who are not good at sitting upright, such as those from overseas.

The tea-ware shelves neatly decorate the tea cups used for the four tea experiences, highlighting the individuality of each ware. The cabinet on the bottom is a storage area for tea confectionery. While using wood as a structure and intentionally adding gaps to create a light feeling, the composition is inspired by the woodwork used in temples and shrines to express a neat appearance. The wind furnace is made of Oya stone, which is hard to break even when heated, and its heavy texture gives it a an accent to the space. The underlay of the wind furnace and the tray are made by reusing the cypress chest used by Mr. Takizume’s grandparents, and the grain pattern of the cypress that has undergone aging conveys a beautiful expression and story over the ages.