The Collaborative Office Penthouse is a minimal space located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by MESURA. With a world increasingly open to the act of working from home, the office space is transforming itself into a place which invites to collaborate, connect and inspire. In order to interpret these new work concepts into space, the co-working brand Cloudworks asked us to design their newest space in the centre of Barcelona –A penthouse giving way to 360 degrees views to the city. Incorporating the brand’s identity and that of its community, we build an office based on three key design principles, in constant dialogue: Function, identity and wellbeing.

Even more so in current times, it’s become clear that the office is more than just a place to work and concentrate. Working also implies meeting, cross pollination across teams, conversation and finding new ideas. The contemporary office space includes both a private and a public role, yet the one shouldn’t hinder the other. Cloudworks GV differentiates its social and public area, by using meeting rooms as a buffer, while positioning a landing point in the middle –An informal meeting area in between the public and the private.

This new co-working is an open space, from which we removed all but the pillars and authentic robust installations, opening up the office to the 360 degree views onto the terrace, which comes with greenery along its borders, acting a natural buffer with the city. The project invites the Mediterranean climate to its interior, while bringing the office space to the outside. Using a monochrome white for the entirety of the square meters it occupies, Cloudworks GV becomes a continuous whole, which uses its functional program to encapsulate all the functions a co-working needs today. 

Photography by Salva López