The Mantelpiece Loft is a minimal apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden, designed by Note (design studio). The studio was invited to help the Gulled family develop their spacious loft apartment. They didn’t want to alter the existing elements but asked us to add an extra layer on top of the existing ones and make better use of all the space they had lots of which was on the vertical plane.

The family’s two children both needed their own rooms, so the designers built two new lofts in the apartment. The girls room and the hallway were redesigned, with new storage solutions that make use of the space all the way up to the ceiling. Rather than try to make the new layer blend in with the loft’s architecture, they wanted to be honest and gave the extra layer its own color, which gives added depth to the home.

The new layer is given a very simple, uncomplicated expression and each was intentionally designed as a unit, to appear as if it’s been pushed into place snugly within the original architecture. Each unit also has its own color, as though everything is made from life sized building blocks. The existing kitchen was dressed in the same green as the new loft on top of it so it appears now as one seamless block.

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