Sep 29, 2018 / Interiors
The Modern House by TDO Architecture

The Modern House is a minimalist space located in London, United Kingdom, designed by TDO Architecture. The Modern House is the design sector’s preferred estate agency, renowned for selling Britain’s best design – led living spaces. At the center of the scheme, in the main open-plan studio, is a bespoke demountable desk structure, which can be adjusted in a sequence of simple moves to completely change the interior, functioning differently in both its extended and stored modes. The desks fold away and can be hung at the perimeter of the space, to mimic Grand Salon-style panelling. Potted plants hang overhead, suspended from a metal grid affixed to the ceiling – adding visual interest whilst dampening the acoustics and neutralizing air pollutants.

The new workspace occupies the ground floor of a former church hal, St. Alphege Hall, in Southwark – the same neighborhod as TDO’s own studio. The mid-rise brick building dates from 1931. It was built as a church hall for the congregation of St. Alphege on Lancaster Street. The church has since been demolished, leading to the gradual decline of the church hall. TDO’s low-cost, light-touch renovation gives the building a new lease of life with simple contemporary insertions into the original building fabric. Asserting the values of The Modern House – whose portfolio of properties celebrates the principles of Modernism – the renovation prioritizes flowing space, high levels of natural light, and a truth to materials.