THELIFE Suitengumae is a minimalist renovation located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by I IN. New real estate service “SMARG” from Tokyo by GOOD LIFE, and it’s renovation brand “THELIFE” proposes new living space for the future that will change the general idea of renovation. I IN did total branding from space design to brand name, logo and aroma. By pursuing the potential of the space to the maximum, the aim was to truly reborn the living space of existing condominiums. Changes in culture and technology nowadays have provided us the freedom of life with making people’s daily activities more seamless. I IN believed that the connection of light and air in the space with each function was a necessary element for the living space in the future.

The partition in the bathroom, which is made of corrugated glass, connects the light with a unique look, while dividing the scene. By separating the bed and living space with storage furniture, the sense of unity and spaciousness has increased, while giving each space a comfortable perception of scale. In addition, the edges of the wooden walls are curved inspired by the idea of familiarity with a detail from a long time ago in Japan. Its texture and soft luster, reminiscent of the round pillars of Japanese architecture, quietly inhabiting the room. The plaster finish that has been applied captures the ever changing light, and provides comfortable flow of time upon the entire space. Although it is a new renovation space that has never been experienced before, it is not a transient one, it is new proposal for a living that people can connect to for a long time.

Photography by Tomooki Kengaku