Aug 11, 2018 / Interiors
Go Today Shaire Salon by CANOMA

Go Today Shaire Salon is a minimal hair salon located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by CANOMA. This is a design is for a shared salon used by beauticians working as freelancers who lack their own beauty salon. Today, as the sharing economy is becoming normalized and a variety of different ways of working are being created, a lifestyle that is less oriented around ownership is also gradually becoming more common. For freelance beauticians, not owning their own shop has many benefits, such as more financial freedom, an increase in free time, and the ability to choose to work at their own discretion. However, it also means that they must acquire their own clients. Through repeatedly examining the texture of materials and the shape, color, and size of the elements used, and by providing the space with these aspects, the designers have consciously designed this salon as a place that complements the advantageous characteristics of being a freelancer.

Photography by Tomooki Kengaku