Vasto Gallery is a minimal residence located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by Mesura. A Barcelona-based project has transformed an industrial studio into a unique living space that also doubles as an art gallery. The project’s client, who runs the gallery, found the space in Poblenou, an old industrial neighborhood that has become a creative hub. The flat features a spacious and diaphanous area with windows on three of its walls, an open floor plan, and a peculiar ceiling that reproduces local construction techniques. The project’s simple premise of reducing spatial divisions to a minimum has resulted in a private and public area, with the latter acting as a living room and exhibition space. The living area is a flexible room with only two fixed pieces, while the private room merges the bedroom and bathroom into a single unit. By using spatial indetermination, the intervention blurs the limits of the domestic sphere, creating a seamless intersection between domesticity and art.

Photography by Salva López