Oct 28, 2017 / Interiors
Ved Renden by Norm Architects

Ved Renden is a minimalist space located in Dyssegaard, Denmark utilizing a Reform kitchen designed by Norm Architects. The Norm design offers a variety of materials that can be combined as desired. Drawer fronts and doors are available in bronzed tombac and sawn smoked oak veneer. All drawer fronts and cabinet doors are without handles and have a 3/16 x 3/16 ” edge on the back. All fronts are opened with a push-system (electric or mechanic), but handles in bronzed tombac can be added, which we recommend for integrated appliances. The tombac fronts are made of 1/16 ” solid tombac, bronzed and glued on a ¾ ” black-dyed MDF. The edges have been varnished and twice coated with wax. The bronzed tombac will gradually get a golden shine in the areas of continuous wear and patinate beautifully over time. Fronts and doors in sawn smoked oak are veneered on the front and back, and the same wood is used on the solid edges. In this particular project, the design used sawn smoked oak, bronzed tombac handles and a countertop in marble.