Villa Butter is a minimal residence located in Gotland, Sweden, designed by ATELJÉ Ö. Upon arriving at Villa Butter, visitors are immediately struck by the breathtaking view from the edge of a 20-meter cliff overlooking the ocean. However, the true heart of the design lies in the beautiful grove in which the house is situated. The play of sunlight through the trees, the scent of elderflower, the imperfect yet picturesque pines, and the ivy-covered ground and tree trunks create an enchanted forest that blurs the lines between the interior and exterior of the house. The use of oak, concrete, glass, and copper in the construction of Villa Butter was carefully chosen, with a particular focus on finding the perfect cement render and application technique to achieve the desired texture for the facade.

While the project has an obvious rhythm, the plan of the house is based on its functions, resulting in extended and uniquely shaped structures. Villa Butter embodies connectedness, as evidenced by the retention of old ruins from former structures, such as an old stone wall, on the site. The elegant and modern shape of the project speaks to tomorrow, while the old walls provide a link to the past. The house has a serious character but also incorporates playful elements, such as varnished, deep blue elements that break up the perfection of the design. Overall, Villa Butter is a grand and impressive project, but it exudes a humble persona. Its soul comes from its connection to the lush grove that surrounds it, making it a truly unique and captivating piece of architecture.

Photography by Erik Lefvander