Villa Mimaze is a minimal villa located in Elounda Crete, Greece, designed by Doriza Design. Villa Mimaze is located on a seaside plot in the region of Elounda, Crete. The particularly oblong shape of the plot raises many limitations that needed to be overcome. Particular emphasis was given to the facade of the building. The plot gives a narrow, main view to the road and the sea. As a result, it was chosen to create an additional, distinct, external frame at a distance from the main building, between which the balconies are inserted. The frame attains a different slope from the main building and is shaped into a curve. The curved design was intentionally selected given that, due to its shape and the perspective it creates, it “enlarges” the narrow-fronted facade of the building, it gives an extra depth, it frames the view towards the sea and welcomes the visitor.

The curve emerges from the building like the sail bended by the wind. This is why the white color is selected, inspired by the sea and the wind to which the building is exposed. Through the white frame, a suspended steel balcony appears as an observation point- belvedere towards the sea, while it points out the entrance of the residence. The balcony is selected to be made of steel to provide a sense of levitation and to differentiate from the rest of the building. In the interior, the residence develops a dialectical relation between indoor and outdoor space. The building volume, being blind on the two largest of its four sides, due to the immediate proximity to the adjacent buildings, “breaks”, is separated and an inner atrium is inserted.

The planted patio offers more favorable conditions of natural ventilation, cooling and lighting, improving the microclimate in the interior, providing additional visual pleasure. The patio runs along the height of the residence and separates on the ground floor the areas of living and dining from the more private areas of the bedroom and bathroom. The transition from the public to the more private sphere takes place with a path – corridor that unfolds parallel to the patio and offers interesting visual views of it. The interior design follows a strict minimal approach. A total white mood dominates with delicate touches of color in the specially selected elements of furniture, lighting and decoration. The white color expresses simplicity, purity and functions as a neutral frame of the view to the sea and the bay of Elounda.

Photography by George Sfakianakis