VR House is a minimal residence located in Bentveld, Netherlands, designed by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects. The approach was to emphasize the importance of material selection, aiming for a blend of rough textures and understated elegance that culminated in a timeless and refined space. The client played a pivotal role in choosing materials that exuded a matte and sophisticated charm, contributing to the creation of a space that epitomized elegance without ostentation. The distinctive black timber exterior of the home is a direct reflection of the client’s vision, aligning with the traditional dark façades seen throughout the Netherlands. This choice of color and material drew inspiration from the prevalent use of clay, paint, or wood in Dutch architecture, with a particular emphasis on darker shades.

Nicholas and his clients reached a consensus early in the design process that a dark wood façade would harmoniously integrate the building into its surroundings, which are characterized by pine trees and the expansive polder landscapes situated between Amsterdam and the coast. The tranquility and serene beauty of the area play a significant role in the architectural concept. The architect articulated how the prevailing quietness of the landscape informed their design strategy, aiming to extend this ambient ‘silence’ into the architectural expression itself. This intent underscores the project’s deep connection with its environment, where the choice of materials and colors serves not only an aesthetic purpose but also a functional one, enhancing the building’s relationship with its natural setting.