Warp Studio is a minimalist office interior located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by I IN. The space had to differ from the usual office space, where commonly people work at their desks. In the context of several projects and groups of people working together at the same time, the aim was to make people from different teams feel comfortable sharing a single space. The office has an open floorplan with a large sunken sofa area that is positioned in the center. High-resolution screens with high-output images flow throughout the center of the office, emitting color-lit images throughout the entire interior.

By blurring the boundaries between the image and the reality, I IN aimed for an expression that symbolized the future. The walls, pillars and kitchen counters are finished with a plaster material with a soft texture, adding a gentle atmosphere to the space, while emphasizing the boldness of the solid materials. Custom-designed desks and sculpturally-shaped dining tables create a pleasant contrast with the wall finishes. In contrast to the open space, the meeting room, which is surrounded by a plastered curved wall with soft shading, has a quieter calmness. By rebuilding light, shape, materials and the way people spend their time at work, the whole office became a comfortable space, while presenting a new view of the future.

Photography by Tomooki Kengaku