Yasun is a minimal home located in Wakayama, Japan, designed by ninkipen!. This house is located in a national park on a cliff that protrudes into the Pacific Ocean at the southern tip of Wakayama Prefecture. From the site, one can see both the sunrise and the sunset, and at night, the starry sky spreads out before you. Large ships come and go quietly on the distant horizon, and sea turtles swim gently nearby on lucky days, but in stormy weather they are mercilessly exposed to wind and rain. While enjoying the richness and harshness of nature in this place, the architects searched for a construction method that would respond to the huge bedrock consisting of strata of tens of millions of years ago. The frame is made of durable reinforced concrete, and a rigid frame structure consisting of four pillars is used in consideration of the relationship with the slope. The back side of the formwork is intentionally used to transfer the wood grain, and by giving it a scale-like variation, it has an organic delicacy in the mass. Each floor has windows facing the sea, and an open-air bath and a balcony open directly to the sea. When the bedrock that was exposed during construction is covered with trees again, and the roof fades to black, the desired landscape finally emerges.

Photography by Hiroki Kawata

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