Aug 12, 2022 / Architecture
Yoshikawa House by ALTS Design Office

Yoshikawa House is a minimal residence located in Shiga, Japan, designed by ALTS Design Office. This project involved the demolition of an old house and the construction of a new one on a 530m2 plot of land surrounded by other old houses in the city of Yasu, Shiga Prefecture. The site is lined with existing private houses, and on the west side is a vacant lot also owned by the owner. It is unlikely that houses will be built in these vacant lots since both of them are not facing the road. For this reason, the architects have decided to plan a house that opens to the west. The studio thought it might be ideal to create an open space with an earthen floor from the entrance all the way to the west side of the house. storage and living spaces are arranged, adding the feeling of being both inside and outside. Taking advantage of the large plot, the house is designed with only a single story. It is planned in a manner that brings in light through the atrium from the east. The west side of the house is designed with large eaves to protect the house from the western sun and to create a space under the eaves to connect the inside and outside. The earthen floor that starts from the entrance on the north side to the open site on the west side naturally invites visitors to the open site. The space opens up around the earthen floor, which makes people feel the connection with the outside and feel enriched.

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