Zola is a minimalist apartment located in Paris, France, designed by CORPUS STUDIO. The original layout was preserved in favor of maintaining the apartment’s classic structure and inherent charm, despite initial considerations for a more open floor plan. Contemporary architectural elements had been selectively introduced, adding a playful and modern twist to the space. Notable additions included a custom triangular washbasin, an entrance with oblique walls, and a semi-circular alcove with an integrated bench. The apartment’s ambiance was further enhanced by smoky oak flooring and pastel-colored walls, creating a warm, inviting environment. Strategically placed curtains and blinds modulated the incoming light, adding a dramatic flair and a sense of tranquility that varied with the natural light. The bathroom featured an elegant glass mosaic tiling and bold metallic accents, complemented by the distinctive triangular washbasin which maximized the use of space.

A series of integrated mirrors expanded the room’s visual perspective, while a fluted glass screen softly diffused light, echoing the style of the 1940s. The bedroom was designed to be a minimalist retreat, free from unnecessary adornments such as wardrobes or wall fixtures, which might clutter the visual space. Built-in storage maintained a sleek look, and selective lighting, including two Michel Boyer Brasilia lamps, accentuated the room’s design. A woolen curtain added texture and softened the incoming light across the bedroom. In the living room, architectural niches framed the windows and provided space for decorative items as well as additional storage. The eclectic mix of furniture included a contemporary black velvet sofa, a vintage 1930s lamp, a vibrant plywood chair by Ettore Sottsass, and hand-carved oak panels by Jean Touret, blending various styles and textures to enrich the room’s character.