Zoning Mountain is a minimalist house located in Toyama, Japan, designed by Studio Velocity. Toyama is surrounded by a steep, folding screen-like mountainous area of ​​3000m class such as the Northern Alps and Tateyama Mountains on three sides, and the mountains carry clean snow-melt water nearby, and a large plain like a deep bay. Blessed with a beautiful and rich natural environment that spreads out, you can see the four seasons changing. From the window facing the mountain, one can see the flowers that grow naturally from the surrounding environment. Each of the three buildings has three volumes.

The six building volumes are built at three different ground levels. The living and office rooms used by the office staff, the workspace and the salon where the unspecified majority are gathered are built on the same level, enabling horizontal movement without level differences along the mountain contour line. The “mountain” not only softly divides one site into three sections, but also functions as an observatory overlooking the Tateyama mountain range, as well as creating a local landscape. The reason why the plane of the building is slightly curved is that the arrangement with the mountain does not look artificial.

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