Aug 21, 2020 / Lighting
Beacon Pendant by LOREKFORM

Beacon Pendant is a minimal pendant light designed by Brooklyn-based studio LOREKFORM. The Beacon Pendant is the first piece from the studio’s Iron + Glass series – a celebration of the simple lens. Twin castings bounce both direct and ambient light between them, creating a shimmering effect when passed by. A variety of six different textures, paired with adjustable stainless steel hardware both above and below, allow each Beacon Installation to be as unique as the next.

To create the organically-textured lenses, the studio uses handmade iron plates as molds for use in the glass shop. These plates begin as a slab of clay freshly impressed with a fabric chosen for its potentially refractive pattern.  The clay is then translated into the final iron tool through a simple lost-wax casting process, but with a twist. In each step of the process, the materials involved – clay, wax, sand and iron – are pushed to their limits, forcing flaws into each layer that appear in the final piece. When the lenses are finally poured into these iron molds we are rewarded with beautifully imperfect pieces of cast glass that both collect and refract the light.