Deas is a minimal floor lamp created by Vancouver-based designer Calen Knauf for Galerie Philia. The Deas is an accent floor light consisting of a solid, waxed aluminum main support and base, hand wrapped in rattan. The diffuser reflector is hand shaped rawhide illuminated by an LED luminaire. Moody flame oriented light is produced by the Deas, creating an environment of warmth and primal comfort. The Deas light is a new editioned Floor light from Calen Knauf Studio. The Deas is an epitome for Calen Knauf’s creative process. Each element of the Deas floor light is a product of a series of completely unconnected references from his everyday life. Each element is directly traceable to visual references encountered in Calen’s experiences. Yet, non of these references are tied in any cohesive way, other then the amalgamation of these references into a unified product. This Piece is a testament to non narrative design and how unimportant chasing a story is when designing an object.

Photography by Conrad Brown